Philosophy Magazine N°3.

PHILOSOPHY MAGAZINE … I prefer publications that are mainly image based. What really works is when type has been placed over imagery, makes a more slick design, especially with this because of the colour choice.


Magazine layout design created by Rita Matos. A compiling of abstract imagery supported by hand-generated overlapping typography and unique paper inserts.The colour palette is consistent throughout the design.


Design book, ebook interior or layout

Blending photos and text together without making things look blocky is hard and this designer did a neat job. This layout has a really nice hand-made edge, the colour scheme works really well with the illustration and the text


Design book, ebook interior or layout

Fiverr freelancer will provide Book Covers & Packaging services and Design book, ebook interior or layout including Print-Ready within 2 days

Identity system for URSA – Art & Architecture.

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There’s no shortage of creative projects that (commendably) highlight issues around migration at the moment, and a new magazine explores these issues with superb graphic design sensibilities. _Migrant_ is designed by Christoph Miler and "Isabel Seiffert":, and was created alongside two London-based architects, with the first issue taking the theme Countryside. The mag will have a six-issue run, and will only be p...

Migrant Journal is raising funds for Migrant Journal on Kickstarter! From national crisis to shifting glaciers, we bring you sharp and engaging content exploring migration in all its forms.

Nordsjøen is a fictional Norwegian shipping company that I created an identity an annual report for.

Nordsjøen Annual Report by Jesse Ellingson “Nordsjøen is a fictional Norwegian shipping company that I created an identity and annual report for.” Jesse Ellingson is a graphic designer based in Vancouver, Canada. Driven by perpetual dissatisfaction.