Website wireframes

20 Pins
six different web pages on a blue background
all-big.png by Manyo Manev
three different types of webpages are shown on the same page, one is gray and
Product Website Wireframes
the website design is clean and modern
6 Steps to a Seamlessly Responsive Website with Divi
several pieces of paper with blue ink on them next to a cell phone and pen
6 Tips For Building Website Wireframes
a bunch of different webpages are displayed on the wall, and one is in grey
shot-mcc-wireframes-full.jpg by Adam Butler
an open book with doodles and diagrams on it
UX Deliverables
a bunch of sketches on top of a piece of paper with some words written in it
33 Great Examples of Web Design Sketches - Designbeep
the website is clean and ready to be used as a template for an article or presentation
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