Safety, Security, & Counterintelligence

WTC Harrisburg is sponsoring an international trade conference titled "Safety, Security & Counterintelligence: Corporate Protection in a Global Economy". Speakers include experts from the FBI! May 13, 2014
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Common fraud scams and how to avoid them

Learn tips for protecting your computer, the risk of peer-to-peer systems, the latest e-scams and warnings, Internet fraud schemes, and more.

Protect your business in a global economy and know how to ensure product liability

Why today’s workforce needs liberal arts educated critical thinkers - Smart Business Magazine

Protecting trade secrets in an evolving global economy, mainly under laws

The Supreme Court, in numerous lawyer disciplinary decisions, has emphasized the importance of telling the truth as a fundamental character trait for lawyers.

Check the BIS for export administration regulation downloadable files!

Department of Commerce Bureau of Industry and Security Supervisory Criminal Investigator


FBI Cyber-security experts are now pointing the finger at a flaw in Apple's "Find My Phone" app that opened access to celebrities' data stored in iCloud.