Magney House by Glen Murcutt an enduring testament to reverse brick veneer | Architecture And Design

Magney House : Glenn Murcutt’s disinclination for mechanical air-treatment and his quest for a comfortable, low-maintenance home led him back to the basic principles of passive design and in this case a reverse brick veneer walling system.

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Glenn Murcutt - The Marika-Alderton House for an aboriginal community, Eastern Arnhem Land in the Northern Territory, Australia 1994

Glenn Murcutt

Nicholas Murcutt

Roof Detail by kyle.briscoe, via Flickr

The Simpson-Lee House by Glenn Murcutt; Murcutt designed a system of structural support for the roof that gets smaller and finer the higher it goes. The supports holding this cantilevered roof are almost like trees.

Boyd Centre dorm room window - Australia - Glenn Murcutt

Boyd Education Centre by Glenn Murcutt: 4 beds to a room, each as its own built-in nook with windows for light/view/ventilation.