True Faith in God | Short Film "God Is My Strength" | Eastern Lightning

She was once a young girl full of dreams for the future. After graduating from college, she stepped into society and started her own business.

"Escape from the Devil's Den" A short Film on the Experience of Persecution

Making a movie or a short film can be an extremely exciting and fun adventure. It is a ton of fun being on a set and shooting your own film. And when you have adapted your own story and are making a film out of it…well, it is an amazing feeling and.

God Is an Everlasting God | "God Is the Beginning and the End"

God’s chosen people of the Church of Almighty God are sincerely spreading the Creator’s heart’s voice and true feelings toward mankind.

Almighty God’s Utterance "The Sighing of the Almighty" (Stage Version)

Almighty God says, "As dawn arrives, a morning star arises from the east. It is a star never there before. It lights up the still starry skies and ignites th.

God With Me | Short Film "God Is the Power of My Life" | Eastern Lightning

In September, because of believing in Almighty God, she was arrested by the CCP government during a house meeting. In order to force here to sell out t.

Eastern Lightning | God's Utterance "God’s Work, God’s Disposition, and ...

God's Utterance "God’s Work, God’s Disposition, and God Himself II" (Par.

Eastern Lightning | Almighty God's Word "Only Those Who Know the Work of...

Almighty God says, "If man can let go of religious conceptions, then he will not use his mind to measure the words and work of God today, and instead obeys directly.

The Salvation of the Soul | Musical Drama "Chinese Choir Episode 9"-02

Songs of Choir: Sorrow of Corrupt Mankind True Condition of Being Corrupted by Satan Practical God Saves Men in Obscurity Sorrow of.

Eastern Lightning | The Hymn of Life Experience "Through Thick and Thin,...

The Hymn of Life Experience "Through Thick and Thin, Faithful Till Death"