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fab chairs plus branches plus candles equals done flowers required

Manzanita branches will be suspended over the long tables. Not as thick as pictured because I know you don't want to go to over-the-top. A single, manzanita branch with hanging candles over each "set" of long tables.

Any wedding inspired by an enchanted forest is alright by us, and this one from Scarlet O’Neill, Lustre Events, and Patchouli Design does a fantastic job of bringing that forest indoors for a rainy day Canadian wedding. Lindsay and Justin wanted their guests to feel transported into a botanical world, and there’s no doubt in …

You know I am the biggest industrial weddings fan. Even more when it comes to "industrial meets nature" style. Green, wood and other natural materials soft

DIY: Tree from paper bag. Did these in my classroom and I had the kids dip their fingertips in fall colored paint (white during winter) then touch the branches.  Great 3D art project!

A Paper Bag Fall Tree. I have tissue paper in one of the bottom chest drawers at home.grab the fall colors. Need to buy the brown lunch bags tho'.

Magic dinosaur eggs. The dough is made out of bakinf soda. Kids use vinegar to free them. Great idea for a hunt.

A NEW recipe for making dinosaur eggs using only two ingredients. With this new recipe, these magic eggs hatch and everything to reveal baby dinosaurs! Would be easy to make in the classroom too!

DIY Exploding Volcano Science Experiment

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