A contemporary issue in New zealand would be the invasive species. They've come to New Zealand in the past and in modern day. Some invasive species are sheep, Cow and even the clover.

- Students will see a simple map/representation of Australia - States, Territories, Cities and Native Animals. Focus will be on place, space and perspectives as per Australian Geography Curriculum

A contemporary issue in Australia is the background of a person. This is effecting the political aspects of their government.

Aussie FTA TV Ratings Top Ten Wednesday July 2012 (Masterchef Owns It, Australia’s Losing Talent and Mrs Brown’s Boys On The Charge!

A threatening contemporary issue in Micronesia is pollution such as solid waste disposal and toxics pollutants from mining operations.

More snorkelling in great plaes. This is the Marshall Islands, Micronesia. Maybe Guam.

transportation in Tuvalu

Transportation in Tuvalu are buses, boats, planes and motorbikes

transportation in Nauru

Transportation in Nauru are bikes, planes, motorcycles, cars, boats and buses.

transportation in Solomon Islands

Young boys fishing in the Marovo Lagoon, Solomon Islands, Pacific - Stock Photos : Masterfile

transportation in Nauru

Loco hauling phosphate from the mined area to the stockpile shed

transportation in Solomon Islands

Solomon Islands' Transportation: Pretty blue water surrounds the island and a lot of trees!

transportation in vanuatu

Phnom Penh Russian Market and Other Shopping

Vanuatu's Transportation: They use trucks and cars a lot to get around.

transportation in Palau

Embassy of Japan in the Republic of Palau

transportation in federated states of micronesia

federated states of micronesia transportation

Homelessness is a current issue in Australia. Since 2011 more and more young youthful people have become homeless over unemployment.

Student raises to repay kindness of homeless man that offered her taxi fare 'to get home safely'

transportation in new zealand

Tranz Metro passenger train at Mana station, New Zealand

transportation in federated states of micronesia

federated states of micronesia transportation