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cheerleaders in santa costumes perform on the court
the cheerleaders are performing their routine for the crowd
a cheerleader is doing tricks on the court
a woman is holding her arms up in the air with both hands and smiling at the camera
a cheerleader is dancing on the court
the cheerleaders are all dressed up and ready to perform
a young woman standing on top of a basketball court with her arms in the air
a cheerleader is smiling and holding her pom - poms in the air
a young woman is dancing in the air with her legs spread out and one leg up
the cheerleaders are posing for pictures on the court
a cheerleader is smiling and holding her pom poms up in the air
a woman in a blue and gold cheerleader outfit standing on the sidelines with her hands behind her back
two cheerleaders in blue and gold outfits perform on the field with their pom poms
a woman holding a tennis racquet on top of a tennis court with grass in the background