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Gallery of 18 Fantastic Permeable Facades - 2

Gallery of 18 Fantastic Permeable Facades - 2

rasgo de luz

Light integration is one of the most important layer. With the wrong light, materials can seem flat, discoloured, or dark. That's why Premier Elevator uses State of the Art CAD systems to synthesize lighting before any materials are physically utilized.

A century-old woolstore is redeveloped for another 100 years of use, ready for the new industries that emerge and develop in Pyrmont.

Being able to work with a pleasant atmosphere is the hope and right of every worker. Working alone can also, but it would be better if we can collaborate with o.

Hotel Hotel In Canberra by MARCH studio

Another idea for Destination Design? Australia’s capital Canberra, home to Hotel Hotel, a property brought about by the Molonglo Group.