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a chicken and spinach pie on a cutting board
Tuna mornay wellington
Using pantry staples and some fresh ingredients, this tuna mornay wellington lifts an everyday family meal to something far more decadent. Enjoy with some fresh steamed vegetables on the side.
a white plate topped with chicken, spinach and lemon slices
Lemon Dill Cod With Mustard Sauce and Garlic Wilted Spinach Recipe -
This is a VERY simple dish with no pans to clean...gotta love it! It's also a very healthy choice, and if you happen to be on the Medifast plan, it fi
some fish are cooking in a pan on the stove
Poached Cod With Dill Sauce
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a bowl filled with shrimp and pea salad
Creamy Cucumber Shrimp Salad: A Refreshing and Flavorful Delight - EASY TO DO
Enjoy the flavors of summer with this Creamy Cucumber Shrimp Salad recipe. This salad is full of freshness and flavor, with juicy shrimp, crisp cucumber, and creamy dressing. It’s ideal for lunch, dinner, or a light summer meal. With its refreshing ingredients and creamy texture, this salad will quickly become a favorite in your recipe ... Read more
two pans filled with food sitting on top of a blue tile floor next to utensils
Salmon, zucchini, lemon and dill frittata
This is the ultimate brunch recipe, with salmon, dill and eggs combined.
a casserole dish filled with shrimp and pasta
Baked Shrimp Scampi
No need to pull out multiple pots and pans for this Baked Shrimp Scampi. The entire dish is baked in the oven!
DIY luminous sea urchin mushroom night light home nightstand warm light luminous ornaments
a white bowl sitting on top of a wooden table
Bring the Beach Home - With a Sand Bowl
Serendipitous Discovery: Bring the Beach Home - With a Sand Bowl
a person dipping sauce on some fried food
Parmesan Shrimp or Scallops. On their own or with a Surf 'n Turf dinner!
Parmesan Shrimp or Scallops - on their own to complete an incredibly delicious Surf 'n Turf dinner. Delicious dipped in our homemade Caesar Salad Dressing.
crackers and dip in a glass bowl on a table
Easy Salmon Cracker Spread Recipe | Easy Appetizer | Mantitlement
a white bowl filled with shrimp and green peppers on top of a striped table cloth
Prawn curry
Give your seafood a spicy and comforting twist with this quick prawn curry.
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a white plate topped with food next to a bowl of salad
Corn and Tuna Sweet Potatoes Recipe - Australian Eggs
Corn and Tuna Sweet Potatoes Recipe - Australian Eggs