Succulent gardens in hollowed out logs and also in timber rounds. What a clever idea!

How to turn tree stumps & logs into planters. Succulent gardens in hollowed out logs, and also in timber rounds, available from the Succulent Guy at the Byron Bay Beachside Market - Easter Saturday March.

What a great use for the kids old toys!

Garden Art Ideas

Don't dump your kid's old toy trucks. Make these unique toy truck planters out of those and make your garden look great!

he he he!

4" Say Aloe to my Little Friend » Aloe Vera Cute Succulent Planter Plant Pot Cute Succulent Aloe Succulent Plant Gift Set Plant Puns

sooo cool!

Bricks painted to look like books - cute,whimsical idea for outdoor decorating!

DIY Sand Art Terrarium..

25 Indoor Succulent DIY Project Ideas

Egyptian Party : Centerpiece idea : Use sand and plants as decor : makerskit DIY Sand Art Terrarium Kit

DIY Recycled Wood Cable Spool Furniture Ideas, Projects & Instructions: Ways to Recycle Cable Spool, Wire Spool, Wood Spool, Cable Drum

Make a garden turtle!

80 DIY Beautiful Front Yard Landscaping Ideas (77

Would look great in a coastal garden!

Its a Bloody Jelly Fish!Dichondra Silver Falls hanging plant with succulents on top make a jellyfish-like arrangement! Looks like the top succulents are planted on an upside-down mesh planter? Will edit if I find out more!

Rustic Church birdhouse made of pallet wood and scraps laying around garage. I love it...

Rustic Church birdhouse made of pallet wood and scraps laying around garage. - Home And Garden


4" I'm Kind of a Big Dill »Indoor Herb Garden Cute Planter Plant Puns Decorated Planter Cute Ceramic Pot Plant Gift Set Herb Garden Gift