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You look mahvalous dahling!

This beautiful American Bulldog has the coolest Christmas outfit paws down. :-) Happy Holidays - Adopt a rescue dog - The gift that gives back unconditional and forever love


This is (most likely) a picture of best friends and the little sibling just wanting to be a part of their fun. Awwww poor little sibling.

These dogs are so beautiful. #pitbull #dog #blamethedeednotthebreed

Are you Pit bull lovers? If Yes Read the five types of Pit bull Breeds that are really popular right now. This list of Pit bull breed is very famous because of

CAN YOU PICK THE PIT BULL? (left to right, top to bottom) 1.  American Bulldog  2.  American Allaunt  3.  Alapha Blue Blood Bulldog  4.  Dogo Argentino  5.  Presa Canario  6.  Ca do Bou  7.  American Pit Bull Terrier  8.  Cane Corso  9.  Boxer  10.  American Bandogge  11.  Olde English Bulldog  12.  American Bully. BSL is not a solution, it is a problem... It is wrong, and innocent animals die because of it.

Pitbulls Lovers's photo: left to right, top to bottom: American Bulldog American Allaunt Alapha Blue Blood Bulldog Dogo Argentino Presa Canario Ca do Bou American Pit Bull Terrier Cane Corso Boxer American Bandogge Olde English Bulldog American Bully

So very true

Beautiful dog quote poster - Everyone needs a spiritual guide, mine is my dog. He has great wisdom to impart, he makes friends easily, and doesn't hold a grudge.

Very true.

Rules For Non-Dog Owners. This goes for Non-cat owners. Just read cats were it say s dogs!dog s rule dogs !

If you have loved many dogs your heart is very big...

For Maura Muddy heart dog. I miss you so much.Dogs come into our lives to teach us about love, they depart to teach us about loss. A new dog never replaces an old dog; it merely expands the heart.