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there is a little monkey with pink flowers on it's head and the words little monkey
yhst-34278529341229_2296_45233263 720×360 pixels
an image of children playing on a trampoline with flowers and butterflies in the background
My Newest Layout now on Ebay
a scrapbook with some pictures on it
*Just Plane Cute
a scrapbook with an image of a boy holding a teddy bear and sleeping on the moon
Sleepytime ~ DT Julie On Ebay here:
three teddy bears sitting next to each other in front of a baby's crib
Squeaky Clean
Dawns Designs that Delight: Squeaky Clean
a close up of a piece of paper with cars on it at play
two little mouses are sitting in front of a pink frame with hearts on it
Little Squeakheart
two baby scrapbook pages with teddy bears and umbrellas
Scrapbooking Pre-Made Pages & Pieces for Sale - eBay
DIGISCRAP to see more of my fantastic layouts! I use only the highest quality archival safe HD paper and inks that bring a brilliant saturation of color to each scrapbook page. You will have to take a second look at these premade pages to realize they are not 3D. | eBay!
a pink and yellow teddy bear themed scrapbook with three photos on the cover, next to a brick wall
Little Dreamer, Baby Boy, Baby Girl PRINTED Scrapbook Pages