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Mineral Pendants - Rothschild & Bickers

The delicate veins and intricate patterns of these organic lights arise from mixing solid and powdered colour pigments. From £640.00 RRP

Paperwood kitchen

Paperwood kitchen is an innovative project through its original use of materials, such as Paperstone a compact material made of recycled paper.

Black Wenge

A pure black timber grain with slightly evident warm timber undertones, grain more evident in CREATEC gloss. Appears pure black with straight grain in RAVINE.

4003 Sleek Concrete™ by Caesarstone

Sleek Concrete™ encapsulates the look and feel of fine concrete with a warm grey base. It’s the perfect solution for those looking to create a modern industrial look combined with a high level of durability.Further enhancing the overall appearance of Sleek Concrete™ is the "Concrete" matt finish which brings an authentic industrial patina, look and feel to the surface and like all Caesarstone surfaces, never requires sealing. Compared to the polished finish on other Caesarstone designs, the…

The Best Kitchen Design


When building, buying or renovating a home, the kitchen will always be the heart and social hub of the home. The kitchen brings people together, it’s a place where we make memories, enjoy family gatherings and conversations. There is no doubt that people love to socialise over food and cooking in

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Alexandra St | MCD

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Facades & Balcony Ideas

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Internal renders

Hi guys, I'm usually designing outdoor spaces but finding i'm being asked more and more to visualise interiors for other designers to use as their own promotion or to demonstrate to clients. Here's 3 that i did recently that are cropped down for social media use. There are definitely things to improve (i've use no round corners on these) so will welcome any feedback. They've been generated with a large window either in the scene or out of view, Podium Sky 2 with mid Intensity sliders…

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Interior Design Showroom | World Of Style | Porter Davis

The secret to amazing interior design is here. Welcome to World of Style, one of Australia's largest interior design showrooms.